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This female owned and operated herbal medicinary serves the community in a uniquely
holistic fashion. Each client walks away with a simple, step by step plan for addressing the
root cause of their health concerns. Evidence-based nutritional guidance and the most
potent herbal medicine available will empower each person on their healing path.

We are proud to offer in-store consultations ranging from 15 - 30 minutes in our lovely clinic space.
These one on one sessions bring accessibility, convenience and vibrant health to the public on a sliding scale.
Using pattern recognition and the most current research available, we address chronic and acute
health concerns within a manageable and effective time frame that most are able to fit into their day.
We will provide a strong foundation for truly life changing steps in the direction of wellness. 

During these consultations, a person’s health history, lifestyle and mind-body connection
are all considered in order to form a complete picture of their current situation.
Full one & two hour consultations are offered on a scheduled basis for more in-depth support.
Our services are available to clients all over the globe through video conference sessions.

All consultations can be conveniently booked ahead of time on our website, but walk-ins are welcome! 

In addition to consultations and herbal medicine, we also carry a thoughtfully curated selection
of botanically inspired gifts, body care products, artwork, jewelry & books.
A strong emphasis is placed on sourcing locally and ethically, as well as giving back to the community. 

Are you curious about supporting yourself
or a loved one through hormonal imbalance,
IBS, blood sugar issues, autoimmunity,
fatigue, sexual dysfunction & more?
Book an appointment today to begin
your whole body healing journey!