To book a consultation with our resident clinical herbalist, choose the time frame that works best for you! Our new clients will receive 15% off of herbal formulas purchased after our first consultation of at least 20 minutes! 

All consultations are held in our
serene and private on-site clinic space. 

*If on mobile phone, please scroll down to book.*

Our convenient & affordable 15-30 minute consultations are a wonderful way to see a certified practitioner on a walk-in or scheduled basis. These brief yet powerful sessions establish a solid foundation from which we can build a simple plan to address underlying causes of health concerns. Herbal tea &/or tincture formulas are tailored specifically for each individual & their constitution. 

15 Minutes: $20
30 Minutes: $35

Full 1 & 2 hour consultations are offered on a scheduled basis for more in-depth support. Skillful listening, pattern recognition & evidence-based nutritional guidance helps each individual tune in to their body’s unique language. Each full consultation explores a person’s health history, primary & secondary health concerns, nutritional density, possible food sensitivities & mind-body wellness.
With this information, we develop a personalized step by step protocol to address the source of disharmony.
Potent herbal preparations are carefully & methodically formulated based on the specific concerns of each individual. For your convenience, refills can be
ordered online for shipping or in-store pick up.
Each full consultation includes follow-up
email correspondence. 

1 Hour: $50-$75 sliding scale
2 Hour: $65-95 sliding scale
30 Minute Follow-Up: $30-$45 sliding scale 

Our services are available to clients all over
the globe through video conference sessions
offered for any timeframe of your choosing! 



Herbal & nutritional consultations are NOT intended
to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness or condition of any kind,
nor do we prescribe medication. Our practitioners are not medical doctors & these educational sessions are never meant to
substitute medical advice or assistance in any way.
Please check with your doctor about the safety of
any internal preparations used.